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Foundation Repair of San Diego

Nothing is more important in San Diego Orange County and surrounding areas than finding a rock-solid foundation repair. Why? Your commercial and residential property's integrity depends on it.

Our in-house engineers can help fabricate custom-made products and treat whole structures.

We provide long-lasting solutions and never quickly fill cracks on the foundation and call it a day.

Best Foundation Repair San Diego

Our company is well-educated, fully insured, and licensed, with years of on-the-job experience in the foundation repair industry.

Our crew will be there if there are workshops on foundation repair that need attending.

We value traditional foundation repair methods using modern technology. So, you can feel assured that your foundation will be in tip-top condition.

Whether it be your basement, piers & beams, crawl spaces, or slab foundations, you will get state-of-the-art services.

We make it our priority to respond fast to fix all your foundation problems. We use industry-leading equipment and tools with warranties backing all labor and material.

Our prices are competitive, and we work with major insurance companies.


Expert planning, coordination and control processes designed to snap shot project requirements necessary to meet your goals.

General Contracting

Comprehensive oversight and complete management of site, vendors and trades to include clear communication


Detailed research and organization of data to present accurate costs associated with labor, material and equipment.

Construction Management

Complete coordination, planning and leadership to orchestrate every facet of your project from concept to completion.


Time table design, planning and cross-coordination of trades required to ensure a smooth, on-time delivery of your project.

Program Management

We’ll serve as your advocate during your project, emphasizing trade collaboration on time, cost and quality management.

Local Best Foundation Repair Company Offering Many Services

We are among the top selection of foundation repair providers in San Diego, and we present you with infallible services. Whether you have a commercial or residential property, our priority is to ensure your foundation remains intact. We offer you with:

Basement Services
Crawl space encapsulation to vapor barrier installations
Foundation crack and leak repairs
Building leveling and slab jacking
Concrete slab to pier and beam foundation work and more

When you choose our company for your commercial and residential foundation repairs, you will get value for money. Get together with us to go over the different options for repairing your foundation now.

Don’t take chances with your foundation. Call us today for your free estimate, as we are your one-stop shop.

Call Foundation Repair of San Diego today for a free estimate.

Whats Our Client are saying

“Working with Foundation Repairs San Diego helped restore my faith in general contractors. After being lied to and ripped off by many companies, we were on our last leg in trusting other contractors. The foundation crew gave us an honest foundation inspection with a quote free without any obligations. They provided us with a service within a week to repair our basement. We could not be happier and can recommend them.”

Christine - San Diego 

“Working with Foundation Repair San Diego was very pleasing. The team that did the foundation inspection explained everything in detail. The way they presented the estimate was easy to understand, and they provided a warranty once they completed the job. You can depend on them as they provide an excellent service. Thanks again for a great job. 

Jim - San Diego


Basement Waterproofing

Foundation Repair of San Diego believe...

Foundation Repair of San Diego believes that the stability of a building all comes down to having a durable foundation. Unfortunately, shifting soils leads to cracks and leaks, causing havoc on concrete and resulting in other structural problems.

That is why we offer no-fail basement foundation repairs in San Diego. For over a decade, we have applied treatments to a faulty foundation to bring them back in place in an entire building.

If you notice excessive moisture caused by flooding in the basement, the foundation can be the result of the problem. With the help of our structural engineers and contractors, we can get to the root of the problem by performing inspections. Are you ready to get started?

Get an inspection and repair estimate free of charge without any obligations today. We know that foundation repairs are not one-size-fits-all. We provide personalized solutions customized for your needs. 

Foundation Repair of San Diego offers the following repair options:

  • High-Density Polyurethane Foam - The foam is incredible for filling concrete foundation cracks. As the foam expands inside cracks, it makes them watertight. As a result, it remains an excellent option when you have emergency foundation repairs. 
  • Masonry Patches & Sealants - If we notice visible problem spots on the basement foundation, using the patch & sealant method can help solve and prevent new issues.
  • Slab Jacking - House leveling is another excellent remedy to fix shifting or sinking foundations. The solution is a permanent foundation repair solution to stop further structural damage.  
  • Segmented Piers - These small cylindrical piers we place beneath the foundation into the soil to help provide support and stability.
  • Steel Piers - It is a profound technique to help stabilize buildings' low-functioning foundations. Steel is a durable yet versatile metal that is indestructible.

We love giving our clients different options regarding foundation repairs in San Diego. As you can see, our company offers vast solutions to suit your budget needs.

Wall Crack Repair

Ready to schedule your foundation inspection...

Ready to schedule your foundation inspection for free? Why? Because if the walls in the building show signs of damage, it needs immediate repair. When a retaining wall breaks down, it can happen for different reasons.

It can result from weather to age, and you might not even notice the signs. To avoid a wall collapse, it helps to have an inspection done. Our qualified wall crack repair team will assess all walls to ensure they are within working order. 

We have the experience with the necessary industrial equipment to realign or repair walls. We have decades of experience serving the San Diego and Orange counties and surrounding areas. We quickly manage retaining walls with our tools, expertise, and knowledge.

We are a certified and licensed foundation repair company in San Diego that can take care of all your wall repair needs. We provide superior customer service with care. When you choose our foundation repair service, you have already made the right choice. 

Foundation Repair

When you need a high-quality foundation...

When you need a high-quality foundation repair service in San Diego, we are the company you can trust. We present you with everything you need to ensure the foundation's longevity and integrity. 

Whether a crack repair or building leveling, our expert team can handle it for you. 

No matter how big or small the project, you can rely on our crew to get the job done right the first time. We use traditional and tried-to-true methods when it comes to foundation repairs. Every service performed we back with long-standing warranties to give you peace of mind. 

We will find flaws when doing foundation inspections, which remains a consideration, especially with a new home or commercial building. You want the foundation to be flawless, and crucial to have an inspector check it out.

If we find a faulty foundation, we will provide you with a complete report on our findings. With the information, we will work together with you to determine a way forward. Another reason to have a foundation inspection done is to keep the costs of your insurance low.

We also provide a second-to-none foundation crack repair in San Diego. Our expert contracting team will apply the appropriate measures to repair cracks. One of the best methods to achieve this is with polyurethane injection. 

It is a simple remedy used in horizontal cracks, and at the same time, we will determine the leading cause of the problem to apply long-term repairs to prevent recurrences. We can also help put your building back on track with professional leveling. 

Building leveling is a foundation repair aiming to place the foundation closer to the original position. The process involves using mud or slab jacking. We use our service to apply the technique from concrete slab foundations to pier and beam structures.

We offer a free estimate without strings attached. 

We Employ Winners

You will find only the best contractors in...

You will find only the best contractors in San Diego and surrounding areas with us. We employ honest employees willing to get their hands dirty. Our team of foundation repair contractors always pulls their wait.

Each team member has the skills with experience to get your foundation repaired. In addition, you can expect outstanding workmanship from our friendly staff. They will treat you as family and respect your wishes and property. 

If you have any concerns about your foundation, you can feel comfortable discussing them with our contractors. We are here to help make the entire process easier. Remember, our friendly contractors are here for you to help get your foundation repair project off the ground seeing it through to the end. Contact us today! 

Our Commitment


We are committed to helping San Diego property owners to get to the bottom of foundation problems. We will provide all services in a timely and affordable manner.

Our team of engineers uses industry-leading tools to successfully pinpoint foundation problems to get them under control before it becomes problematic to the structure. We will assess the area to provide detailed reports of findings.

We believe our customer's safety is an integral part of the process. Regardless of the foundation repair process, you will find the costs affordable. Lately, we want to thank our customers individually for providing us with their long-standing commitment and dedication to using our services.